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Dole Archives Collection Codes

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Collection Name Collection Number Collection Code
Alec Vachon Papers, 1969-2006 01-021 c021
Digitized Press Releases, 1961-1996 01-015 c015
Dole Archives Vertical File, 1945-2005 04-023 c023
Dole Archives Finding Aids    
Dole Audio Cassette Collection, 1966-1997 05-016 c016
Dole Audio Reels Collection, 1960-1979 05-031 c031
Dole Ephemera / Objects   ME
Dole Family Papers 01-026 c026
Dole Foundation for Employment of Persons with Disabilities, 1983-1998 01-008 found
Dole Institute of Politics Autographed Photographs 01-028 c028
Dole Institute of Politics Records 01-034 diop
Dole Institute Oral History Project, 2002-2009 02-018 c018
Dole Photograph Collection, 1900-2009 03-012 ph
Dole Scrapbook Collection, 1955-2009 01-013 c013
Dole Speeches, 1958-1996 01-019 c019
Elizabeth Dole (temporary) 01-033 edole
Internet Articles N/A int
Mike McCormick Photographs 03-030 c030
Mike Murray Collection of Dole's 1968 Senate Campaign Photographs 03-022 c022
Nancy [Dole] Poche Collection, 1938-1963 01-027 c027
Nancye Ballard Collection of 1974 Campaign Material 01-024 c024
Richard D. and Janet Lee Rees 01-032 c032
Robert J. Dole Campaign Media Collection, 1976-1997 05-029 c029
Robert J. Dole House of Representatives Papers, 1960-1969 01-001 house
Robert J. Dole Post-Political Career Papers 01-009 post
Robert J. Dole Presidential Campaign Papers, 1988-1996 01-010 camp
Robert J. Dole Press Clippings, 1939-1995 01-017 c017
Robert J. Dole Republican Leadership Collection, 1985-1996 01-007 lead
Robert J. Dole Republican National Committee Chairman Papers, 1969-1973 01-011 rnc
Robert J. Dole Senate Papers-Constituent Relations, 1969-1996 01-002 s-con
Robert J. Dole Senate Papers-Legislative Relations, 1969-1996 01-003 s-leg
Robert J. Dole Senate Papers-Office Administration, 1968-1996 01-004 s-off
Robert J. Dole Senate Papers-Personal/Political Files, 1969-1996 01-005 s-pers
Robert J. Dole Senate Papers-Press Related Materials 01-006 s-press
VIP Letters 01-020 c020
Walt Riker Papers, 1943-2003 01-014 c014

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Legacies of '76 includes online resources and interactive features with historical material documenting Bob Dole's 1976 Vice Presidential campaign.

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