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When time permits, scan an entire folder, not just the documents selected by researchers/staff. Then extract the individual documents from the larger PDF, after it has been processed (i.e. after the Adobe Acrobat PostScan action has been applied).  


1. Look toward the far left edge of the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC window, halfway down the window, you should see an arrow. Click the arrow.

2. A menu will appear.

3. Click the top icon that looks like two overlapping pages.

4. Page thumbnails appear. Select and right click on the page(s) you want, then click Extract Pages…

5. Type in the page numbers of the pages you want to extract.

6. Check Extract Pages As Separate Files only if you want each individual page to be an individual file.

7. Click OK.

8. In the Browse For Folder window that pops up, create a new folder under _NewScans for your extracted pages.

9. Acrobat will name the extracted page files according to this pattern: [originalfilename] + [space] + [pagenumber].pdf.

  • For example, extracting page 1 of c014_002_002_all.pdf will result in the file called c014_002_002_all 1.pdf.

10. Change the filename so that the page number is preceded by an underscore and padded out to three digits, for example: c014_002_002_001.pdf. See the Filenaming Policy for more info.

11. Move the files up one directory from the folder you created into _NewScans.

12. Delete the folder you created (it should be empty!).

11. Now open the new file(s) that you just created in Acrobat. You will process the file(s) according to the usual Digitization Workflow.

12. Continue to Embedding Metadata and Running the PostScan action.


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