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Photo Printer (Epson R1900)

The Photo Printer is only connected to the workstation directly in front of it (between the two cubicles in the Processing Room).

  1. Log in to the computer.
  2. Find the largest version of the file that you can. If downloading from Entermedia, be sure to select Original Format for your download option.
  3. Open the file in Photoshop.
  4. Go to Image > Image Size.
    1. Look at the resolution and dimensions. Usually you want to print at 300dpi or greater and actual size (ex: 8" x 10") dimensions.
    2. If the dimensions are tiny, like 1.5" x 1.5" (safety film), you probably want to enlarge them.
    3. Do this by unchecking the box next to Resample first.
    4. Then change the resolution to 300.
    5. You should see the dimensions increase, to 7" x 7" for safety film, for example.
    6. Choose a resolution that gives you dimensions that fit your paper. Most 8x10 photos will already be scanned at 1:1 scale, so you can just print them at 8"x10" without changing the resolution.
    7. Don't think about this too hard. If you need help, check out this website: It looks old, but it is very useful for enlarging and reducing prints made from digital photos.
  5. Adjust the levels (ctrl + L) if needed. See Editing Photographs in Photoshop for more information.
  6. For black and white photographs, you can convert the image to Grayscale under Image > Mode > Grayscale.
  7. Load the printer tray with photo paper, coated side facing you. The printer prints on the side of the paper that is facing up when you insert it into the printer.
  8. Go to File > Print
    1. Select the Epson R1900.
    2. Click the Print Settings button and select Glossy or whatever paper you are printing on.
    3. Under Color Management, choose Printer Manages Colors
    4. Click Print.
  9. The photographs take several minutes to dry. Handle them by touching only the white paper so the ink doesn't smudge.


Click here to view the Manufacturer's Documentation, including user manual and drivers.



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