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Scanning: Edit Photographs in Photoshop


10. The photograph will open in Photoshop. If it doesn't, navigate to H:\Dole Archive Files\_NewScans and open the file yourself.


11. Go to Image > Rotate to rotate the image to the correct orientation. Arbitrary is for non 90-degree rotation.


12. Use the crop tool (in the red box above) as needed, but leave a narrow border around all four edges of the photograph. You can also use this tool to rotate the image.


13. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. Enter Amount: 50% and Radius: 0.9 pixels. Threshold should always be 0 levels.


14. Go to Edit > Image > Levels (also ctrl + L). Slide the white arrow and the left arrow to the edges of the graph or “mountain range.” Note: This should be a minimal adjustment to remove the dullness of the scanning glass – over adjustment will result in rescanning.


15. If you make a mistake, you can always go to Edit > Undo (Ctrl + Z), or go backwards in your History. In the History menu on the right of your screen, click the last “OK” step that you want to return to. You can move forward in your history also, so long as you haven’t made any new changes. Feel free to ask the Digital Asset Manager for assistance any time you have a question.

Embed Metadata

16. Finally, add metadata to the scan. Go to File > File Info.


22. Enter the folder Title.

  • Examples:     
    • Folder 1 (all): Dole Meets Dole, 1975
    • Folder 2 (part 1): Elizabeth and Bob, 1975
    • Folder 2 (part 2): Elizabeth and Bob, 1975
  • Always enter the title this way:
  1. folder number
  2. (all) or (part)
  3. colon (:)
  4. folder name, comma
  5. date (if not already part of folder name)


Enter a brief description and/or the inscription on the photo here. Most photographs have decent descriptions in Archon that can be copied and pasted into this field.


23. Enter Keywords separated by commas but without spaces. Do put a space between two words in a phrase (ex: Press Release), but do not add spaces around the commas (ex: Researcher,Armenia). You will use these keywords to complete the metadata once the scan is in Entermedia. 

  • Example: Press Release,Researcher,Armenia,Genocide

Always enter these keywords:

  • Document Type
  • Subject(s): Try to think of at least three words or phrases that would be useful to a future researcher when searching for a document on this subject.
  • Researcher: If the scan was created for a Researcher, enter Research as a keyword, but do not enter Researcher's name (for privacy reasons).


24. Click OK.


17. Save the image as a TIFF according to the filenaming policy.

18. Select No Image Compression and IBM PC Byte Order.


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Scanning FAQ
It is taking forever to save, etc, etc. This folder is huge. Is there any way to hurry this up?
Stop appending! Create a new file when your scan reaches +/- 50 pages. If it is still really slow, just talk to the Digital Archivist.
I reached 50 pages, but I’m right in the middle of a multi-page document. Do I just stop scanning?
Keep related pages or documents together. If you need to make a file slightly more or less than 50 pages to keep documents together, that’s ok. The point is to keep PDF file sizes manageable.
Example: For constituent mail, the two letters to and from Bob Dole should be scanned into the same PDF file. Don’t scan two documents that go together into separate files.
So now I’m going to have 2 or 3 files for the same folder. What do I call them?
Follow the Filenaming Policy. The files will end with _part1.pdf, _part2.pdf, etc.
My shift is ending but I’m not done scanning the folder. What do I do with it?
Select Scan is Complete. Save with the appropriate filename (i.e. the identifier from the Metadata Database). The next person who scans will append their files to yours (up to 50 pages)
I’m starting my shift, but the person before me left off in the middle of a folder. What file do I use?
Usually, you will append your scans to the existing file for that folder. Make sure to stop when you get to +/- 50 pages.
I keep getting an error message when I try to append to an existing file. Why?!
This is because we scan in an archival format called PDF/A. Here’s the workaround: make sure the file is closed. Then try to append. It should work. If not, ask the Digital Archivist.
What do I do if I forgot to add metadata or need to add another keyword?
In Adobe Acrobat Pro, go to File > Properties… You will see the Document Properties box. Enter the additional data and press OK. See also Embedding Metadata.
I tried to enter additional metadata, but the boxes are grayed out or I can’t save it.
Please talk to the Digital Asset Manager. Or, record the data in the Scanning Log and enter it directly into Entermedia when you verify your scans.