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Past Research Fellows and Travel Grant Recipients

The Dole Archive is pleased to offer several opportunities to assist scholars in their research while using the Dole collections. We can help defray some of the costs associated with research through travel grants and fellowships. Below are past recipients of these awards, which were first offered in 2010.

For information on current opportunities and how to apply, please see the Fellowships and Grants page.

Dole Archive Research Fellows

Research Fellowship are awarded annually on a competitive basis to support scholarship utilizing the Dole Archive. Fellowships are advertised in the Fall and awarded in the Spring. In 2015 additional awards for disability-related research were supported by a generous grant from the General Electric Company. In 2016 the Enid and Crosby Kemper Foundation provided funding for an additional grant to support 1976-related research. In 2017 Harlan and Alice Ann Ochs of Colorado Springs, Colorado, provided funding for an additional grant to support research and writing for a POW/MIA exhibit.

2020/2021 – Remko van Hoek, Ph.D., Walton School of Business, University of Arkansas
“Supply Chain Lessons from CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Famer Senator Elizabeth Dole’s Policy Accomplishments as Transportation Secretary"

2019/2021 – Grace Goudiss, University of California, Berkeley
“Let Our Children Go: The Cult Phenomenon and American Politics, 1965-1994”

2018 – Tracy Roof, Ph.D., University of Richmond
“Nutrition, Welfare, or Work Support? A Political History of the Food Stamp Program”

2018 – Fellow for Armenian Advocacy – Michael Bobelian, Baruch College, City University of New York
“Armenian-American Advocacy from Earthquake Relief to Genocide Recognition”

2017 – Douglas B. Harris, Ph.D., Loyola University Maryland
“Selecting the Senate Leader:  Bob Dole’s 1984 Race for Senate Floor Leader and its Consequences for Senate Leadership”

2017 – Curatorial Fellow –​ Heath Hardage Lee, independent historian and biographer
“The League of Wives: Vietnam's POW/MIA Allies & Advocates”

2016 – Caitlin Rathe, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Food Assistance Policies and the Transformation of the Public/Private Welfare State in the U.S. and Britain, 1972-1988”

2016 – Curatorial Research Fellow – John Robert Greene, Ph.D., Cazenovia College
“The Doles and the '76 Presidential Election”

2015 – GE Curatorial Research Fellow – Ray Mizumura-Pence, Ph.D., University of Kansas
“Bodies, Hearts, and Minds: A Social and Cultural History of Veterans with Disabilities from Vietnam to the Wars on Terror”

2015 – GE Archival Research Fellow – Christian Généreux, Université du Québec à Montréal
“Climbing Capitol Hill: The Interaction between the Community of People with Disabilities and the United States Congress”

2015 – Rebecca Stoil, Johns Hopkins University
“Tied to Their Country: Agrarian Mobilization, Conservative Politics and the Farm Crisis, 1977-1987"

2014 – Amanda Demmer, University of New Hampshire
"'The Last Chapter of the Vietnam War': Normalization, Non-governmental Actors and the Politics of Human Rights"

2013 – Patrick Sandman, Trinty College
"Bringing Congress Back In: Watergate and the Politics of Institutional Change"

2012 – Prakash Kumar, Ph.D., Colorado State University
“GM Crops and Globalization: US Regulatory and International Trade Policy, 1980-2010”

2012 – Samuel Zebulon Baker, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University
“Forward Progress: Desegregating College Football, 1945-1975”

2011 – Gary Aguiar, Ph.D., South Dakota State University
“Congressional Responses to Constituent Casework Regarding Federal Bureaucracies”

2011 – Ben Merriman, University of Chicago
“Agricultural Subsidy and Rural Development in Kansas in the Post-war Period”

2010 – Jennifer Donnally, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
“The Politics of Abortion and the Rise of the New Right, 1967-1992”

Dole Archive Travel Grant Recipients

Travel grants are intended to defray the travel cost of conducting research in the Dole Archive. Students and scholars are eligible for these awards of up to $750.

2020 – Brent Campney, Ph.D., University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
“The Black Freedom Struggle in Kansas, 1967-1971"

2019 – Olatunde Taiwo, Olabisi Onanbanjo University
“Dole in the Congressional War against Global Child-Hunger, 1961- 2018”

2019 – Robert Zebulun Larson, The Ohio State University
“The Transnational Dimension of the U.S. Anti-Apartheid Movement”

2019 – John Dearborn, Yale University
“The Representative Presidency: Development and Durability”

2019 – Lindsay Drane, University of Houston
“'Too Poor to Eat': A Socio-Political History of Food Stamps in the United States, 1964-1996”

2019 – Matthew J. Lacombe, Northwestern University
“Beyond Money: The National Rifle Association and Interest Group Power"

2018 – Dean J. Kotlowski, Ph.D., Salisbury University
“Indigenous Self-Determination Across the Pacific: The United States Congress and Australian Parliament Compared, 1960-1993”

2018 – William D. Adler, Ph.D., Northeastern Illinois University
“Party Differences in Vice Presidential Selection”

2018 – Julien Zarifian, Ph.D., University of Cergy-Pontoise
“Senator Robert J. Dole and Armenians: A Forty-Year Proximity and Engagement

2016 – Richard Johnson, University of Oxford
“The Role of the ‘Dole Compromise’ in Explaining the Extension of the Voting Rights Act in 1982”

2016 – Emilie Raymond, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University
“Bring Paul Home: A Wife, a POW, and the Vietnam War”

2015 – Heath Hardage Lee, independent historian and biographer
“Vietnam War Wives”

2014 – Sasha Issenberg, journalist and fellow, Center for Civil Society in the Luskin School of Public Affairs at UCLA
“The Engagement: A Quarter-Century of Defending, Defining and Expanding Marriage in America”

2014 – Ryan Whalen, Northwestern University
"The History of the Bayh-Dole Act’s March-In Rights and the Future of Their Use”

2013 – OJO Patrick Oluwole, Obafemi Awolowo University
"Comparative Study of United States' Support for Democracy in Nigeria and South Africa"

2013 – James Cooper, Ph.D., Oxford Brookes University and Westminster College
“The Politics of Washington, D.C.: Ronald Reagan and ‘Tip’ O’Neill, 1981-1987”

2013 – Neal Allen, Ph.D., Wichita State University
“Successfully Navigating the Politics of Race in the 1950s and 1960s: Future Congressional Leaders and Civil and Voting Rights Legislation”

2012 – Lucas Richert, Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
“A Prescription for Scandal: Conservatism, Consumer Choice and the FDA during the Reagan Era”
“The Politics of Drug Abuse during the Ford Administration”

2012 – Josh Ryan, Ph.D., Bradley University
Post-Passage Bargaining and Resolution in Congress

2012 – Michael Ensley, Ph.D., Kent State University
“Agent-Based Modeling and the Role of Party Leaders in Congress”

2011 – Alix Meyer, Lumière University Lyon 2
Republican Leadership

2011 – DeeAnn Grove, University of Iowa
Education as an issue in Presidential campaigns

2011 – Christopher Baylor, University of California, Los Angeles
Contribution of party leaders to changes in the Republican party 1970-2000

2011 – David Hamilton Golland, Ph.D. Governors State University
Biography of Kansan Arthur Fletcher

2011 – Nicholas O. Howard, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
“Institutional Settings and Obstruction: Holds in the Senate under the Leadership of Robert Dole”

2010 – Sarah Snyder, Ph,D., Yale University
“The Helsinki Network: Transnational Human Rights Activism in the late Cold War”

2010 – Adam Connell , University of Oklahoma
“Senate Leadership during the Panama Canal Debates”

2010 – Timothy Stanley, Ph.D., Royal Holloway, University of London
Research towards a political biography of Pat Buchanan

2010 – Gary Aguiar, Ph.D., South Dakota State University
“Who Writes to Congressional Leaders? Constituent-Initiated Contacts via Letters and Email”

2010 – Hannah Gobel, Ph.D., Texas Christian University
“Changing the Narrative: Political Elites’ Strategic Decisions and Politicization of Issues”

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