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Boy Scouts of America BSA Program

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The Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics is proud to begin offering free merit badge opportunities for Scouts in the Boy Scouts of America's Scouts BSA Program. The Dole Institute provides a unique environment for Scouts to not only learn about the qualities that make an upstanding citizen, but also to learn about how government can work for the people it represents. Through the lens of Senator Bob Dole's career in Congress and Senator Elizabeth Dole's career in both the Executive and Legislative Branches, Scouts will learn about how to best serve their country and community through instruction of merit badge requirements, or participating in activities to build understanding of government and citizenship.

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Julie Clover

Julie Clover
Public Education Manager
Dole Institute of Politics


Scouts BSA


    There are many ways to be an active citizen in the United States. This program will help Scouts understand how they can be involved in their government at both the local and national level by building understanding of how government works for its citizens, and how citizens can participate in their government.

    Scouts will be instructed on select requirements from Citizenship in the Community and Citizenship in the Nation, and will have the materials and knowledge needed to discuss what they learned with their Merit Badge Counselor for requirement completion.

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Coming Soon


    We're currently developing more programs available to members of the Boy Scouts of America, including more opportunities to earn merit badges for those in Scouts BSA, and activities for those in Cub Scouts.



    Visit for an interactive, in-depth look at the Dole Institute and Archives. The museum gallery highlights Senator Bob Dole’s legacy and career of over 35 years representing Kansas in Congress. The Dole Institute is also home to the world’s largest stained glass American flag, Veteran’s Memory Wall with over 1,000 pictures of Kansas WWII veterans, and two beams from the World Trade Center, a memorial to the victims of 9-11. Also, go behind the scenes to see where one of the country’s largest congressional collections is stored and learn about archives. All age levels, 45-minute virtual or in-person program.