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a group of students stand facing away from the picture, looking up at the Veterans Memorial Wall inside the Dole Institute of Politics. One of them is pointing up at the wall.

Educational Resources


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Lessons, workshops, and instructional materials created for the Dole Archives Education Program, some in partnership with Kansas University Council for the Social Studies, which use sources from the Research Topic Guides.


interior view of the Dole Institute, showing the Russell Window, the Veterans Memorial Wall, and the stained glass American flag window

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Julie Clover
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Discover with Dole Videos

Our online learning program for K-12 learners was created during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic and provides a look at the programs available with on-site visits.

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What Is an Archive?

The American Flag

All About Sports!

Be A History Detective!

Service To Country – Bob Dole in WWII

Elizabeth Dole: A Woman of Firsts

Top Dog

Earth Day

Join The Campaign Trail!

Celebrate Kansas Day (In April!)

Mission To the Moon

Youth Civic Engagement

Civic engagement means being involved in the community and working to make a difference. A great way for youth to get involved with civic engagement is for them to communicate with their elected officials.

Poster with text. How to write your representatives. Elected officials care what their mail says! Learn how to write an effective message with these helpful tips. Keep it brief. Get to the Point. Use facts. Relate it to Home. Provide Background. Make Specific Recommendations. Keep it Positive. Close with a friendly appeal. Include contact information. Information courtesy Kansas National Education Association. Retrieved October 2, 2018 from Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics logo.