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Elementary School


Becoming a Leader

30 minutes to 3 hours 

Explore one of the country’s largest congressional collections to learn about Congress, leadership, and the legacy of Senator Bob Dole. Primary source analysis of paper documents, photographs, audio-visual items, and museum objects highlight Dole’s 35- year career in public service. Focus on how government works, bipartisanship, and civic engagement.


Field Trip
  • Group size 15-50 students at a time.
  • Brown bag lunch may be eaten on premises.
  • Inquire about bus transportation scholarships!
  • Less than 30 students each class preferred.
  • Can do multiple classes in one day.
  • Free to travel to your school!

Field Trip Activities

Customize field trip experience with the following activity options: (Most are also available as outreach program options.)

a. Life of a Leader

How do we preserve history? Interact with the museum gallery to find items for Bob’s Bingo and Follow the Leader scavenger hunts related to the life and legacy of Sen. Dole. Whole group discussion follows to bring Dole’s biography to life.

b. Color the Leader

Who is top dog at the Capitol? Coloring time while talking about Sen. Dole’s dog, Leader.

c. Old Glory Craft

How do we revere the Red, White, and Blue? Make an American Flag craft out of straws.

d. Stars & Stripes Puzzle

How does your knowledge stack up? Race to answer trivia questions to obtain puzzle pieces that create a giant American flag. Can be adapted to K-2nd grades with no trivia questions.

e. History Detectives

What can we learn from a photo? Learn how to analyze a photograph from the collection and discover the clues archival photos hold. Activity uses the 5 W’s and hones observation and visual skills.

f. Document Discovery

What can letters tell us? Analyze easy-to-read World War II-era letters that a young Bob Dole sent home to his family in Kansas about his life as a student and soldier. Discussion will follow for informal assessment on main points of analysis and topic.

g. Campaign Planning

What is your message? Learn from the experiences of Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole, create a campaign poster or button inspired by the Dole Archives, and brainstorm your mock political platform.

h. Constituent Letter Writing

What can you do? Contribute to the national or regional discussion by writing a letter to your representatives. Gather ideas from letters that students just like you wrote to Sen. Dole.


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Senator Bob Dole is listed as a civic and cultural leader in the people/roles section of 4th grade standards.

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