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Bob Dole speaking at a podium with the American flag behind him, and Bob Dole standing with a group of men behind a seated Ronald Reagan, who is signing a document.

Major Legislation

Senator Bob Dole


1962 Amendment to National School Lunch Act

1966 Food for Peace Act

1969 Controlled Dangerous Substances Act


1970 Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act

1971 Amendments to Federal Water Pollution Control Act

1973 Rural Health Care Delivery Improvement Act

1974 Campaign Finance Reform Legislation

1977 POW / MIA Vietnam Legislation

1977 Food Stamp Program

1979 Taiwan Foreign Relations Act


1980 Biotech Industry Incentives Act

1981 Immigration Reform Legislation

1981 Economic Recovery Tax Act

1981 Hospice Care Legislation

1982 Voting Rights Act Extension

1982 Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act

1983 Bipartisan Social Security Amendments

1983 Emergency Food Assistance Program

1983 Martin Luther King Holiday Bill

1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act

1985 Televised Senate Proceedings Resolution

1985 Landmark Farm Bill

1986 Tax Reform Act

1986 Terrorist Prosecution Act

1987 Homeless Assistance Act

1988 Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act

1988 INF Arms Control Treaty

1988 Anti-Drug Abuse Act

1988 Welfare Family Support Act


1990 Clean Air Act Amendments

1990 Americans with Disabilities Act

1991 Desert Storm Authorization Resolution

1993 North American Free Trade Agreement

1994 Violence Against Women Legislation

1995 Comprehensive Federal Agency Regulatory Reform Act

1995 Congressional Accountability Act

1995 Comprehensive Telecommunications Reform Act

1995 Lobbying Reform Legislation

1995 Safe Drinking Water Act

1995 Medicare Trust Fund Legislation

1995 Private Securities Legal Reform Act

1996 Farm Conservation Bill

1996 Line Item Veto

1996 Omnibus Appropriations Act

1996 Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act

1996 Bipartisan Immigration Control and Financial Responsibility Act

1996 Bipartisan Anti-Terrorism Legislation